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Central Bedfordshire College

At Central Bedfordshire College we know you are making a big commitment when you consider becoming a student.

You might be undecided about which course is right for you – or just curious to know what’s in store.

Whether you intend to be with us full-time or part-time, we think you deserve more than being made to rely on a public open day as the only way to see what’s on offer.

You can be shown around the college for an individual tour on an appointment-only basis when it suits you. We will show the parts of the college which most interest you, based on what you think you want to study, and some of the general facilities.

You will also have the chance to hear a bit about college life as we show you round, have a coffee or soft drink while you discuss your options and even be shown through the online application process to get you started.

Just email us at myopenday@centralbeds.ac.uk to express an interest and we will fix a date with you.

Central Bedfordshire College – where every day is open day.

Access to HE courses

Central Bedfordshire College offers the following Access to Higher Education Diploma courses: