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CAVA is a non-profit membership organisation: a strong and equal partnership between 6 higher education institutions and more than 30 further education providers. Together, we are committed to aiding social mobility by increasing the opportunities for people from all backgrounds to study at university.

Our commitment to the Access to Higher Education Diploma

Cambridge Access Validating Agency is the only awarding body in the UK whose sole focus is the development of high quality Access to Higher Education Diplomas, offering adults (without the relevant formal qualifications) the opportunity to go to university.

By developing our bespoke Diplomas in partnership with many leading universities across the country, every year more than 8 out of 10 of our students progress to Higher Education courses.

Benefits of joining CAVA

By joining CAVA, you will become part of our community of members across England. All of our members have a voice on our CAVA Council and direct the strategy of the organisation.

If you are considering offering Access to HE Diplomas or looking to transfer from another Access Validating Agency, becoming a CAVA member will give you:

  • Access to CAVA’s entire library of Access to HE Diplomas and units
  • Support with developing your Access to HE Diplomas, be it off-the-shelf or bespoke
  • Dedicated and focused CAVA team specialised in Access to HE available to offer support via telephone, email, and face-to-face meetings
  • Tailored staff training delivered within your college
  • Subject specialist external moderators visits
  • Access to CAVA’s annual staff development conference for your Access to HE course teams
  • Access to CAVA’s regional meetings to build staff skills and network with local providers
  • Access to the Members’ area on the CAVA website which includes useful guides, resources, and documents
  • Involvement in CAVA special projects, which are decided and agreed by members.

If you are a higher education institution, becoming a CAVA member will enable you to:

  • Contribute to the development of high quality Access to HE Diplomas locally that feed well prepared students into your courses
  • Meet your widening participation targets by supporting mature students
  • Develop your staff skills through external moderation and validation training
  • Build your network and partnerships with local further education providers
  • Be involved in CAVA special projects, which are decided and agreed by members.

A personal approach

CAVA has a small, dedicated team who specialise in assuring high quality Access to Higher Education Diplomas. We pride ourselves on: working closely with our member colleges; having the support of a network of highly-regarded universities; making regular visits to and having face-to-face meetings with our Access to HE providers. We are just a phone call away and you will always know who you’re speaking with on the phone should you need our support.

Meet the team


External Moderator
This was my first year working with CAVA and I have to say I am mightily impressed. I have been an external at other organisations and I have to say, the level of efficiency and organisation with CAVA is next to none! Everything was explained, and not in horrible jargon and acronyms, but actual words that were explained and mean something! How CAVA works with the college, too, is so refreshing… a confident team at the college + a confident CAVA = a more than confident external examiner.
External Moderator
Validation Panel Chair
There has been a thoroughness of academic rigour in sustaining the very highest of standards expected through the CAVA validation process, consistency in application of the regulations and procedures acknowledged throughout the interaction with the college, its tutors and managers and CAVA.

I commend all involved in the completion of this Validation Review process and thank CAVA for all the support given to me in the role of Chair for the final outcome. 

Validation Panel Chair
External Moderator
I’ve never worked for an organisation before which is so ready with personal help: it’s wonderful to know that I can pick up the phone and speak to one of you whenever I need to. You should give yourselves a great pat on the back for your approachability!
External Moderator

Join a growing community of Member Institutions

CAVA has over 4000 students studying one of approximately 80 bespoke Access to HE courses at 32 colleges nationwide. We are also partnered with a number of leading universities across the country. Learn more about our courses and colleges.

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Contact our team today and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can bring our bespoke Access to HE Diplomas to your college.

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