Access to HE Diploma UCAS Tariff (2017 entry onwards)

The new UCAS Tariff system will be applicable for any student applying in 2016-17 to start university or college from September 2017 onwards.
  • All qualifications that are currently on the UCAS Tariff will continue to attract points under the new system
  • The Access to HE Diploma will be included in the UCAS Tariff for the first time
  • The new Tariff points are based on a new approach, using a qualifications size and grades to calculate total Tariff points
  • An A level grade A* gets 56 points under the new Tariff, in comparison with 140 under the current Tariff.
Access to HE Diploma The table below gives a few examples of grade combinations and the equivalent UCAS points.   The  full table for all qualifications is available for download on the UCAS website.  The Access to HE table is on page 158. 
Pass credits Merit credits Distinction credits Tariff points A Level tariff point example
45 0 0 48 EEE (or single A grade A-level)
30 15 0 64 DDE (or two grade C A-levels)
15 15 15 96 CCC
0 45 0 96 CCC
0 30 15 112 BBC
0 15 30 128 ABB
0 0 45 144 AAA
There is a very useful tariff calculator on the UCAS website to enable students to calculate any combination of Access grades.