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CAVA Standardisation 2023-24

External moderation briefing 2023-24

Pre-Access Webinar 2024

CAVA conference 2023

Provider Briefing 2023

New to Access to HE Diploma Briefing 2023

Awards Boards Chairs’ Briefing 2023

Awards Boards Briefing 2023

CAVA Pre-Access Briefing 2023

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Briefing FAQ document
CAVA Pre-Access Pack


CAVA Conference 2022


CAVA External Moderation Briefing 2022


CAVA Database Bitesize Training Videos


Provider Briefing 2022


New to the Access to HE Diploma Webinar 2022


Validation Chair and Awards Board Briefings 2022


CAVA Assessment Webinar 2022

Provider Briefing 2021


CAVA Conference 2021


CAVA Assessment Training 2021

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CAVA Conference 2020