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CAVA Committee Vacancies

The CAVA Board, CAVA Quality and Academic Development Committee (QuAD) and CAVA Student Advisory Committee (CSAC) are all seeking new members for the 2023-24 academic year.  CAVA Board The CAVA Board is seeking to appoint a new Council of Members FE representative (CAVA member applicants only). You can[...]

Guidance on the use of generative AI in Access to HE Diplomas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been named as one of the UK government’s ‘five technologies of tomorrow’ and is already delivering wide societal benefits, across healthcare, climate science, and logistics. AI in Education[...]

Good Practice from Standards Management: Lincoln College

Each year QAA releases a benchmark for their expected achievement rate for Access to Higher Education (HE) Diplomas. Over the past four years it has been 78.4%. At CAVA, we pride ourselves[...]

Good Practice from Standards Management: West Suffolk College

West Suffolk College has consistently demonstrated good practice in supporting their students’ achievement, particularly in their Access to HE Diploma (Counselling) course. Over the past three years, they have achieved an impressive[...]

Preparing for an Access to HE Diploma

September is fast approaching, which means a new cohort of Access to HE Diploma students are about to start their course. If that is you, then this is a fantastic opportunity for[...]

Hartpury University and Hartpury College Awards

Hartpury College has implemented a fantastic way of celebrating their staff members, by introducing their own internal staff awards – the Hartpury Students’ Union StAR Awards. They have a variety of categories[...]

Congratulations Class of 2022-23

On behalf of everyone at CAVA we would like to congratulate all those who have completed their Access to Higher Education Diploma.  CAVA will be issuing your certificates and transcripts to your[...]

International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day is celebrated on June 23rd each year to recognise the achievements of women in engineering and to encourage more girls and young women to consider engineering as[...]

Recruitment and retention of male students under 24 years of age in Access to Higher Education

QAA’s 2021-2022 statistics demonstrate that only 23% of students entering the Access to HE diploma are men. This low representation is presented around the nation across all Access to HE Diplomas. Despite[...]

Reviewing the validity of assessments

Access Validating Agencies are required by QAA to ensure that Access to HE Diploma assessments are appropriate for the delivery method and for the demand required, and facilitate valid assessment of student[...]