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EdTech Opportunities for Access to HE

This year the CAVA annual conference, ‘EdTech Opportunities for Access to HE’ will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and online delivery and their impact on Access to HE. It will be a virtual conference, taking place on Google Meet on Friday 1 December 2023, starting at 09:30 and[...]

AI tools for Educators

Since ChatGPT was released in November 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword throughout not only education, but the world. It appears each week different tools are being released or improved[...]

Good practice from Standards Management: Truro and Penwith College

Due to the cost of living crisis, retention is an ongoing issue across the country. CAVA members continue to implement a range of support for their students to counteract these issues and[...]

Sustainability and Access to HE Diplomas

Last week many people around the country celebrated Green Careers Week, a noteworthy event spanning from 6 to 11 November 2023. This initiative sheds light on emerging technologies and careers with the[...]

Lifelong Learning Week

Lifelong learning week was Monday 6 November – Friday 10 November, and here at CAVA we wanted to highlight the learning each CAVA staff member does. We shared each individual post on[...]

CAVA conference 2023 reflections

On Friday 1 December, we held our annual CAVA conference. We were delighted to have 90 attendees join us online from CAVA members, Access to HE providers, universities, QAA, and other interested[...]


In the 2022-23 academic year, CAVA Access to HE Diploma student outcomes were exceptional, however, students who completed the Level 2 Pre-Access qualification prior to completing the Access to HE Diploma did[...]

Implementing QAA’s Subject Descriptor 2024-25: CAVA’s approach

The QAA has introduced a subject descriptor for Access to HE Diplomas in Nursing and Health Professions. The descriptor provides guidance and reference for the design, delivery, validation and review of programmes[...]

Supporting students with learning barriers: good practice from CAVA members

There are 1.3 million people in England with a learning disability, including over 950,000 adults aged 18 and above. In the past few years, more students are facing additional barriers to their[...]

A guide to the first external moderator visit

As we approach February and March, it’s an important time for CAVA members with the arrival of their first external moderator (EM) visit. This is more than a routine check-in; it’s a[...]