Career Coach

QAA has launched Career Coach, an online tool that helps match prospective students with the Access to HE programme that best supports their professional ambitions.

Many Access to HE students choose their programmes based on their career goals. Now, for the first time, Career Coach will help users search for Access to HE courses linked to their chosen careers, highlighting the skills and knowledge needed to enter particular job roles and industries.

This interactive tool uses the latest labour market data to offer information on average and potential wages, and latest job vacancies. It also highlights the current demand for jobs and professions in each region.

Its key features include:

• Career Assessments, helping people to learn more about themselves and access career suggestions based on their interests and skills

• Up-to-date data on wages, employment opportunities and common progression routes

• A search function for Access to HE courses that will help you reach your career goals

• A CV Builder to create a professional and modern CV

Users can also sign up for an account to save information about their career search so far.

Career Coach is hosted by EMSI. For more information about Career Coach and to try it for yourself, visit the Access to HE site.