Learning bit by bit – Access to HE Diploma (Computing) Testimonials

For many people it can be incredibly daunting going back into education and it can be even more of a challenge making those first steps to pursue a career in the ever evolving world of computing and technology. It can also be exceptionally rewarding and for these students - life changing.

Amelia Moss-Cuddy - Access to HE Diploma (Computing) 2020-21 - City College Plymouth

I have just finished my Access to HE Diploma in Computing at City College Plymouth. This course has given me a newfound confidence moving forward, and considering most of the course was online I'm extremely impressed by how the course was delivered. Even through a situation as scary and difficult as the pandemic, I've still learned valuable teachings and gained many skills.

I've always struggled socially and felt talking to people was very difficult but enrolling on this course has significantly changed that, the teachers were extremely welcoming, positive, funny and excellent. I felt immediately at ease on this course thanks to the excellent teaching and it allowed me to gain better confidence when communicating with my classmates. Even though I'm quite an anxious person I have made many friends through the course and we all stay in touch through a social media group we set up for the class.

When I was at school I struggled with bullying and this led me to leaving school only with a couple GCSE's. I also ended up dropping out of a couple of colleges over the years because I was stuck doing courses I did not want to take due to the restrictions which came from my grades. When I found the Access to HE Diploma in Computing at City College Plymouth I didn’t realise just how much it would change my life. The course has literally changed my life, I'm now able to attend the University I'd like to go to and study a subject I've always wanted to. I've gained better social skills as well as confidence and I've proved to myself that I'm more than capable of studying computing. I will always be grateful for this opportunity and the awesome teaching, especially my teacher Chris who was a real inspiration.

Justas Galminas - Access to HE Diploma (Computing) 2020-21 - City College Plymouth

Enrolling on the Access to HE Diploma in Computing at City College Plymouth was the best decision I have ever made. It gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion for computer science. The course changed me as a person and taught me many valuable skills and principles that will aid me throughout my academic journey and life. The teachers are extremely experienced, highly educated and passionate about teaching. They really care about their students, help them achieve their goals, give great feedback and advice on education and life in general.

The delivery of the course was well-structured, easy to grasp and gave a taste for many aspects of computer science including databases, programming, web development and many others.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying at City College Plymouth and highly recommend studying an Access to HE Diploma!

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