Hartpury University and Hartpury College Awards

Hartpury College has implemented a fantastic way of celebrating their staff members, by introducing their own internal staff awards - the Hartpury Students’ Union StAR Awards. They have a variety of categories including ‘Most Supportive Tutor’ and ‘ Inspiring Lecturer’. These awards are voted for by the students, demonstrating the influence of the teaching.

This year several members of the Access to HE course team were nominated including Nicola Stevenson, Nyssa Griffith and John Binks.

To be nominated, students had to write citations about their tutors where they expressed their gratitude and admiration. Nicola’s nomination included, ‘Nicola shines like a bright star, and her keen energy often fills the room with a warm radiance that is supportive and friendly. She consistently offers to help and is proactive in this manner, such as making services, information and equipment readily available as and when.’

John’s nomination included, ‘He continuously dedicates his time to his students through weekly tutor sessions and allowing opportunities for students to contact him with any academic query and receive suitable feedback and support quickly. He is also willing to clearly explain any concept or definition to further understanding, this proves to be a major help.

The ‘Inspiring Lecturer Award for Further Education’ was won by Nyssa Griffith. Her nomination stated, ‘Nyssa is truly one of the most incredible lecturers at Hartpury. She is passionate about what she teaches and her enthusiasm has a knock-on effect on her students.’

It is lovely to hear positive feedback about the tutors from the students, demonstrating a clear passion for teaching and supporting their students. Congratulations Nicola, Nyssa and John for the fantastic work.

The CAVA team would also like to acknowledge all of the outstanding Access to HE course tutors who teach across all of our Diplomas.