AI tools for Educators

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Since ChatGPT was released in November 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword throughout not only education, but the world. It appears each week different tools are being released or improved and it is almost impossible to keep up. Due to the amount of tools and sites available, we find it can be overwhelming to know which ones are useful and specifically how you can use them.

  Below we share a few of our favourite tools which we have identified to be useful to educators, especially those who work in further or higher education.

  1. Chat GPT: Even though ChatGPT was not the first AI tool, it certainly was the one which drew attention to AI for most people in 2022. It is a large language model that can engage in conversations following simple prompts and questions. For educators, it can be a valuable tool in several ways including assistance in lesson planning, answering student queries, content creation and generic administrative tasks.

  2. Canva: Canva is a design tool that was launched in 2013 and seems to be everywhere! On Canva you can create visuals, create documents and design presentations. They have been working on their AI platform - Canva Magic - which has been released recently and contains tools which can create photos and videos, transfer documents to different formats, convert a document into a different language and much more.

  3. Classpoint: This educational AI tool is an extension for Powerpoint which enables educators to engage students by adding quizzes, polls, and other interactive elements to their presentations. This fosters active participation and real-time assessment, making lessons more engaging and informative.

  4. Supernormal: Supernormal is a Google extension, which offers an AI personal assistant to take minutes from any Google Meet call. It records the general overview of the meeting, writes a brief summary as well as making note of what actions were agreed upon and who is responsible for them.

  5. AI Educator Tools: Dan Fitzpatrick is the AI Educator. He has released a useful guide called the AI Educator Tools which is a ‘repository of AI tools for teachers’. Dan is constantly sharing useful tools and remains up to date on AI within education and different ways it can be used. He also has a Facebook group - The AI Classroom - filled with teachers sharing good practice of how they are incorporating AI into their classroom.

AI can be an incredible tool which supports educators in creating content, reducing how long it takes them to complete a task and creating personalised resources easily. Like anything, AI should be used carefully and always requires a human to sense-check what has been made.

  If you are an Access to HE provider, check out our CAVA AI guidance for more information about how to use it with the qualification.