February 2024 Revalidations

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In February 2024, we successfully revalidated three of our Diplomas: Access to HE Diploma (Shoemaking), Access to HE Diploma (Criminal Justice and Policing Studies), and Access to HE Diploma (Computing). This was made possible through the collaborative efforts of experts from various esteemed institutions.

Criminal Justice and Policing Studies revalidation event

The revalidation event for Access to HE Diploma (Criminal Justice and Policing Studies) gathered experts from University of Hertfordshire; Anglia Ruskin University; University of Huddersfield; Leeds Trinity University; De Montfort University; Lincoln College, East Coast College; Craven College, and Nottingham College. 

The objective was to uphold the ongoing relevance, currency, and quality of the Diploma. The revalidation process primarily involved fine-tuning language rather than implementing substantial changes. Notable updates included the integration of Sociology, Terrorism, and Research Strands into the Rules of Combination. This collaborative effort ensures the Diploma remains fit for purpose and supports student progression into Higher Education or the Policing Profession. 

Computing modification with panel

A modification with panel event convened to approve modifications to the Access to HE Diploma (Computing). QAA's new specifications had impacted all six providers of this Diploma, requiring them to split units to comply with the 30-credit cap of 6 and 9 credit units taking effect starting 2024-25. 

Panel members reviewed the revised units to ensure they contained sufficient subject content and were able to stand alone as split units; no issues were found with the modifications. The panel commended the scope of the Diploma for its offerings of emerging areas in computing technologies such as machine learning; data science; cloud computing; distributed systems; software; and defined networks. 

We would like to thank all the panel members and providers from University of Suffolk, University of Lincoln; Anglia Ruskin University; Nottingham College; Truro and Penwith College; College of West Anglia and City College Plymouth for their input.

Shoemaking modification with panel

We held a Diploma modification with panel discussions for the Access to HE Diploma (Shoemaking) to ensure that it was compliant with the new QAA Diploma Specification coming into effect in August 2024. 

A huge thank you to colleagues at University of East Anglia; De Montfort University; and the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London for their time and expertise in ensuring the continued quality and robustness of the Access to HE Diploma (Shoemaking). 

The amendments made to the Diploma will enable students to explore a wider range of skills relating to digital development, communication and creativity. The addition of two new units in Footwear Marketing and History of Footwear enhances the students' experience and aligns with the expectations and subjects offered at HE. 

We would like to thank all panel members who contributed with their time and expertise.